Swingers in Paris : follow me


Hey! Hey! It’s my gift to you : the english version of a google map for swingers in Paris where you can see everything!

Every week, a lot of couples ask my husband “where to go in Paris as swingers?” I have tested for you a lot of places, here are the best!

On the map bellow, for each location there a paragraph “I said:))” for the english version.
– Swingers Club (in Blue)
– Hosiery, shoe, fetish stores… (in Pink)
– Book stores, museums… (in Yellow)

By selecting the top left icon Google Map, you can select one or more of these three categories to specify your search .

Some tips :

I did not put all the swingers clubs in Paris, but those which are on the map, I really like them, I have good memories in each of them. I added my own little commentary (which is only my opinion) and the rates known in December 2014. Please go on the clubs websites (there is a link on each location on the map) to see the themes of the evening events and opening times. If you like the unexpected encounters, it’s very nice to go to the club (after a good hot shower, well dressed, as you feel the most attractive with your own style). Note that we contact a lot of swingers on the web :

– In terms of hosiery and high heels, I put some luxury brands. Frankly, these days I buy a lot online, it’s cheaper. Visit those stores like museums 🙂 Notify your bank if you have a crush on some item.

  In terms of sex-shop, I have indicated some gay sex shops : good to know. I also buy a lot online, it’s cheaper. Visit these shops open minded. Especially, if you’re new, be candid, ask questions rather than giggling (if you’re not comfortable), smile: love is a game :))

+♥♥♥♥♥ The organizers of custom made swingers parties :

So, please, leave comments to help the community in the lifestyle.

If you have some great places to recommand all over the world, let me know. My travel section is open.

All your suggestions are also welcome (Contact me).

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